Fish drinking collagen from Japan, a unique anti-aging remedy. Restores the structure of the skin, nails, hair, joints, bones, muscles, supports the effect of cosmetics, salon treatments and workouts.



  • Fish collagen 177000 mg
  • Glucosamine (shrimp, crabs) 1500 mg
  • Polyphemin 1500 mg

The product is not a medicinal product.



improves the condition of the skin, provides elasticity, tone and smoothness, eliminates wrinkles, increases the natural hydration of the skin;
slows down the aging process;
improves hair color, shape and growth;
restores cartilage tissue and interarticular (synovial fluid), improves flexibility and mobility of joints, strengthens the musculoskeletal system;
Restoration of tendons after sprains and other injuries, facilitates the course of joint diseases, arthritis, arthrosis;
polyphenols stimulate the synthesis of their own collagen.
prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome
Low-molecular-weight collagen, created from the skin of deep-sea Arctic fish, contains only natural ingredients without GMOs!

Taking peptide collagen supports the effect of cosmetics and salon procedures. According to the results of a comparative experiment, after 13 days of taking the supplement of its own collagen in the skin is produced better than when taking other products.



Recommended preventive course of administration: 1-2 months with repetition 2-3 times a year for 4-6 g per day during or after meals. One package for 30 days of reception.


Special instructions: 

The manufacturer has no data on allergic reactions to collagen ingredients. However, if you have an allergic reaction due to the components, report it to the manufacturer. If you are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant, you have any serious diseases, then consult your doctor before taking collagen.


Storage Features: 

After opening, store in the refrigerator and close the package tightly with a zip fastener. Do not put a wet measuring spoon in an open package. Food or a drink in which collagen is dissolved, you need to drink it quickly. The package includes a bag with moisture-absorbing granules. We kindly ask you not to drink or eat it.

Collagen Ikiru

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